Under the name itself, it is said insurance which should insure something that they say they will. Having insurance should make your life easier and gives you security as you life your life comfortably because you have a company that will insure something important for you while you do your daily activity normally. But, some insurance companies probably don’t really understand the purpose of the insurance to begin with. Instead of helping, they now tend to rob the consumers.

Let’s say, PPI or Payment Protection Insurance. It said payment protection insurance which by reading the name, you should know that by purchasing their policy, you’ll get your payment for your loan protected in case anything bad happens to you. However, PPI, among all types of insurance, known for its mis-selling controversy that banks or other eligible institutions do to the consumers.

Some 88 Togel banks or any other financial institutions are not willing to give you the loan that you need unless you take the Payment Protection Insurance so when you are in a tight situation, there’s no other choice but to agree with the banks or the financial institutions. It doesn’t really bother you until you see the payment you need to make to the bank or the financial institution and see the number is just not making any sense at all, as it is far more than you have agreed with them. Not to mention, sometimes they don’t clearly stated the policy conditions and all important information that you need to know about the policy you’re going to purchase.

Moreover, to make PPI claims is like to do the almost impossible. It is almost guaranteed that you will be rejected, for so many reasons the banks or the financial institutions have in their consideration. The mis-selling that brought upon you at the worst case, it might leave you with policy that is no use to you if you want to make a claim.