Sports massage refers to the act of rubbing and kneading the bodies of those participating in sports to help them counter injuries while undertaking the activity.

Before undertaking a sports massage, there are three principles involved, the timing, the technique and the intent of doing it.

The following are the reasons as to why one needs to do a sports massage With sports massage, one is able to save himself from the injuries associated with sports and its drawbacks like poor performance, long duration of training, paying medical bills for treatment and also to avoid it causing permanent impairments on the body. The number of mitochondria in the body can be increased by applying deep tissue sports massage on one’s body and when they grow in number, they emit more energy and this energy may enable one to perform excellently. It is important in ensuring that one maintains attention in whichever activity he is participating in due to an inner feeling of relaxation and also help them interact with others well since their mood is improved and also their level of stress is reduced if not eliminated. Sports massage are also influential in ensuring a faster rate of healing after an intense race.

It is of great importance that one knows the right time of doing a massage and usually people has different preferences as some prefer ding it over and over since they enjoyable has different preferences as some prefer ding it over and over since they enjoy it, some prefer doing it just before the activity to ensure that their muscles are ready to make them perform to their best while some prefer doing it later after the activity with an aim of cooling down their bodies after a tiresome activity and also recover from any injuries they underwent.

It is good that those that carry out that task know how to do it and the various styles they can apply. One may apply pressure on trigger points like the upper, middle or lower back, hips and so on either using fingers or a thumb for about ten seconds to eliminate stiffness or soreness. One can keep pressing muscle points by use of the hands up and down and this helps keep loose the tight muscles. Jostling technique may be applied where one’s muscle may be held using a hand and shaken for a number of times say two or three times to help alleviate muscle cramps above eliminating stiffness.

When choosing a sports massage therapist, consider if they listen to you, how long they take to get an appointment, the duration they have been practicing, whether they have any certifications or not, how far are they from you and finally the amount of money they charge.