I love my job. Did you believe that? Good, it’s actually true. Though my boss is sometimes not the nicest of people, and he makes me work long past when I want to sleep.

But I also get to do whatever I want whenever I want, as long as my work is done.

I’ve built this life over years though, and it isn’t for everyone, here are 7 reasons that you shouldn’t work for yourself.

You Need Someone To Tell You What To Do

This seems strange to me, but some people either don’t have the ability or the desire to think of what they need to do.

Some people need someone to actually say “do this Monday for the project, on Tuesday do this…”.

This doesn’t make people unintelligent, they just don’t want to put all their focus into this. They would like to just do their work, go home and not think about it again.

As a business owner, this isn’t an option. You constantly have to consider, “what do I need to do today to make sure that I can get things done tomorrow?” Or sometimes, “what do I need to do right now so I can get something done this afternoon?”

As a business owner, you need to think about this stuff, and there really isn’t anyone there to tell you what’s next.

You Like Your Job

There are really cool jobs out there. And jobs that aren’t so great that people love doing.

I think a job at a zoo would be cool unless you’re cleaning up after the animals. Or a job doing something I loved, I would love to get paid to binge watch some Netflix.

But others get a deep satisfaction from their job. Doctors, nurses, lawyers, social workers, teachers, most of these people don’t do it for the money. If you’re a nurse, you know it isn’t worth what they pay you. The stress of being a Doctor or Lawyer is also not “worth” the money, but some people just really enjoy it. So, if you like the job you have, stick with it.

You Don’t Want The Stress

You will never avoid stress altogether. No matter what job you have it will have a measure of it.

However, as a business owner, it is now magnified by about 1,000.

Any problem is your problem, any expense your expense, complaints are yours to fix. Somedays, the problems feel like they will never stop.

On top of that, cash flow is now your problem. If you aren’t making money you no longer have an upset boss, you now have no food, no electric, no place to sleep. The stakes are much, much higher.

You Need To Be Around People

This is probably the one that makes me want to have a “real job”.

I love being around people, having conversations about their weekend, their hobbies, their vacations, etc. As a self-employed work from home individual, it’s absolutely possible for me to never see another person for a long long time.

So, if you’re someone who needs to be around other people, working for yourself may not be the best course of action for you.

I’ve found ways around it, and spend plenty of time with people, but not everyone has those same options.

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Pre-existing Health Condition

When I first started working at Walgreens I worked with an older woman who was very good at her job, and a very successful businesswoman.

She and her husband owned stores, a real estate company, and a few other things I still don’t know about. Even with having a good amount of money from these businesses, she worked 32 hours a week at Walgreens.

Not 33, not 31, but 32 hours a week. Why? Because she needed the health insurance for her and her husband. She told me it was impossible for her to get health insurance because of their health conditions, and their age. So, even though they had money and a good business she still had to get a regular job because there was no other way for her to get insurance.

There are more options for self-employed people now than there were, but it can still be difficult. In fact, there are days I don’t understand what I’m paying for with my insurance because it never seems to cover anything.

Regardless, if you NEED health insurance (and really who doesn’t), it may be a reason you don’t work for yourself.

You Want Freedom Of Time

We have all read the articles, and books, and seen the videos and testimonials of people who have started working for themselves and are now on a beach somewhere making millions of dollars.

I’m here to tell you, that isn’t really possible. If I stop working on my business it will stop making money. Sure it will continue for a while, but eventually, my inventory at Amazon will run out, my clients will drop me because they need someone to actually do the work, and I’ll have to move in with someone because we won’t have money to pay the rent.

Working for yourself does mean you can start when you want and end when you want, however, you’ll still need to put in a lot of work if you want results.

You can, in theory, go to the beach, work, and make money however you won’t really be able to enjoy the beach because you’ll be working the whole time.

As Whitney from Money Nerds told me, you will have autonomy but not freedom. You’re in control of your time, no one is going to tell you that you have to work at a specific time, but they will expect you to get the work done.

You Want To Work Less

This one really makes me laugh. Friends and family sometimes say that I don’t work as hard as they do, some think I don’t work at all.

So, they start trying the stuff I do, and they usually last about 2 weeks. I did have one friend who ran an Amazon FBA business for 6 months but then gave up as “they couldn’t make any money”.

I’m not saying that they were wrong, it’s possible they couldn’t make money, but 6 months is hardly time enough to tell, not only that, those that didn’t even make it a month will never know if they could have made something of it.

I’ve been doing this for over 3 years now, and only now am starting to make “real” money. The first few years I actually lost money in this business, last year was the first year I was actually cash flow positive. All of this took time, and hard work.

It’s true, I don’t have a “schedule” of I must work from this time to this time. But,  I have work that must be done by a certain time, I have clients that can contact me at strange times and sometimes I do have to drop whatever I’m doing to fix a problem. I work ALL THE TIME, even when I’m on vacation or spending time with friends, I get emails, phone calls, and text messages about work.

Not only that, my mind is constantly on work. Thinking of new things to do, new topics to discuss, and ways to help others. So, if you want to work less, keep your “real job”, working for yourself won’t help.