I have no idea how to run a business. I cannot write, and I’m not good at marketing. But, I have a successful business, have hundreds of examples of my writing, and am a marketer. So often I think to myself “who am I to give advice” and come to find out I’m not the only one. Here’s what I do when I become overwhelmed with impostor syndrome.

Keep Track Of What You’ve Accomplished

It may be easier for someone who keeps track of their income every month to easily see how much they have grown in the last few years, but that isn’t the only accomplishments we look at.

From birth till marriage I had been on a plane a total of 5 times. Then, in one week in September of 2021, I was on 4 planes. That may not be something you’re interested in but for me, it was a huge deal. Your accomplishments can be something small.

You paid off that $500 balance on your credit card. Or, you skipped dessert tonight to lose those extra pounds. Maybe you’ve made it to the gym each day this week, or your client LOVED the work you did for them.  What if you haven’t done any of that?

You are still accomplishing things. Every day you are moving forward, your making progress towards your future self. When you find yourself thinking “I can’t do this” or “who am I to try this” remember what you’ve accomplished already no matter how small it is.

Build Up A Support Group

My family and friends provide so much support. They love that I work for myself, can have a meal with them in the middle of the day, and I can visit a lot more than I used to.

But, they really have no idea what it is I do. That’s fine, I appreciate the support anyway.

But, to help with impostor syndrome you need to have the support of people who really know what you’re going through and can even provide help when needed.

I personally love small Facebook groups, I find that they can help you when you’re down and lift you up to where you should be.

It always amazes me when I post something on Facebook and some of the people that comment on it to me are “celebrities” .

I still fanboy out when people like Melanie Lockert, Pat Flynn, Whitney Hansen, or Scott Alan Turner even know who I am let alone comment on things I do. But that didn’t happen overnight, I had to put in long hours and years of work to get here.

Now, when I’m feeling like I don’t belong, I can post in a group and I receive all the support I need.

Work Through It

When I go to the gym with my trainer he pushes me further than I know I can go. That’s because he knows that I can actually go further than what I believe to be my limits. (I should really go to the gym this week…)

That is exactly what you need to do even when you feel like you don’t belong in this world. Even when you have those feelings of “who am I?”

Push through.

The idea of this article came because I have been postponing writing anything because I felt like who am I to teach you anything? What can I offer you that you can’t get from much more qualified people?

But, I pushed through, I forced myself to start writing, and this is what came out. It isn’t my best article, it will likely be buried in the archives and only read by 20 people but that’s ok because I’m pushing through and getting it out there.

You Are Amazing

Whether it’s a business deal, starting a new project, or trying to finally get in shape you can do it. Too many times we think about all the reasons we can’t do something. I’m asking you to look for the one reason you should. You should pitch that client because they might say yes. You should start that new project because it may be the best thing you ever do. And, you should start working out and get in shape because it’s one of the best things you can do. Whatever you’re scared of right now let me know in the comments, or email me and I’ll see what I can do to help.